Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I am a longarm quilter...

It is true.  It is official.  I am a longarm quilter!  

Last October I finally bought my longarm machine, an Avante by Handi-quilter.    It was a choice I debated over for a while...and the machine finally just jumped into my tiny car and said "take me home"!  ;)  Well, not exactly but it did come home with me and I am happy to announce I have been using it a lot!

I've started a small quilting business from my home.  I say small because I still have my day job and working on keeping my life balanced.   (chuckle...!!!)

And so this starts the quilting adventure.  Can't wait to show you photos!  I've got many to share of what I've already been working on.  

Til then,