Monday, March 31, 2014

Curly Q Pantograph

This quilt is gorgeous.  If you hurry you may still be able to see it in the display window at Stash.
Kathy made this quilt with "Glitz" by Michael Miller.   I quilted it with a "Curly Q" pantograph.

Practicing my custom quilting

It takes time to develop a quality custom/free-motion type of quilting.  I love seeing all the gorgeous quilts being quilted and admire the talent.  I know the more I quilt the better I will get.  Practice practice practice…!!

My niece turned 4 recently.    
Here we are starting to open her gifts…she was a little shy at first and wanted help.  
And this is what I made for her!!!  Custom quilted…good practice…and a treasure I hope she can snuggle with for a long time. 
Pattern is called "Sparkle Plenty" by Loft Creations
Fabric is "Flirt" by Sandy Gervais, Moda Fabrics
and added a grey fabric…not sure what brand! 

Backed with white minky.  Even practiced using my rulers!!  :)

Another love quilt! Bauhaus baby pantograph

This pattern is quite popular here in my area.  We love Tula Pink and all her creative designs, fabric, and patterns.

This quilt was made by Kathy at Stash for her daughter (see Love quilt with scooters on it in past posts for story…).  Now the couple will each have their own quilt with this fantastic minky backing that was very difficult to photograph for some reason!!!

Bauhaus baby pantograph on red mink - backing

Very difficult to see in this picture but the quilting is done in red thread.  



I love to stipple. This is a meandering stitch that can be dense and can be very loose. Everyone has a little different idea about size, how close they want the stitches, based on what they want the quilt to look like once washed.  The closer/tighter the stitches are to one another, the more antiqued look the quilt will have.

Quilted this for Vikki.  I love this pattern and black and white!  She is making this into a pillow sham. 

My friend, Kelly, is having a little boy in June!  I  made this quilt for her and just love how it turned out! 

A little closer look while on the machine.  

Drift pantograph

This is DRIFT!  
I admit I didn't like this pattern at first on paper but after stitching it onto a quilt, I just adore it.   Here are a few samples of some quilts I've just used this pattern on.  

This is one I quilted for Stash Quilts:
Thread blends in so well it's hard to see in a photograph.  

This pattern is called "Come What May" by Jaybird Quilts
And this is one I quilted for Kathy at Stash.  Will be a sample for a beginner paper piecing class coming soon!

I believe this is called "Fractured", a pattern by Judy Neimeyer
The back - I love this batik!  Colors are just gorgeous. 

Pineapple baby quilt made by Stash Quilts for a friend's new baby

Drift looks fantastic on this quilt.  Wish you could see it better! 
Drift….I'm sure I will use this pattern much more in the future!