Monday, March 31, 2014

Drift pantograph

This is DRIFT!  
I admit I didn't like this pattern at first on paper but after stitching it onto a quilt, I just adore it.   Here are a few samples of some quilts I've just used this pattern on.  

This is one I quilted for Stash Quilts:
Thread blends in so well it's hard to see in a photograph.  

This pattern is called "Come What May" by Jaybird Quilts
And this is one I quilted for Kathy at Stash.  Will be a sample for a beginner paper piecing class coming soon!

I believe this is called "Fractured", a pattern by Judy Neimeyer
The back - I love this batik!  Colors are just gorgeous. 

Pineapple baby quilt made by Stash Quilts for a friend's new baby

Drift looks fantastic on this quilt.  Wish you could see it better! 
Drift….I'm sure I will use this pattern much more in the future!

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