Friday, February 7, 2014

Grandmother's garden quilt

 A friend of mine brought me a very old quilt she/family found one day last summer.  Every hexagon was hand-pieced and had been tied with yarn and a very ugly strange fabric for backing that had become part of the edge of the quilt.  I personally have never worked with restoring an old quilt but thought I could handle the task.  It sat in its bag for many months.  I wasn't sure what the best method would be for quilting it as I didn't want to distract from this amazing pattern but needed to re-inforce many of the seams that were coming apart and repair holes such as this one.

I traced each flower and added a flower swirl through each flower.  It was definitely good practice using a ruler!   Old quilts are pretty amazing.  I am in awe of anyone who hand stitches that many stitches!  I almost didn't want to ruin it with my machine quilting!  Had to cut off the edges to get rid of the old fabric backing...

What a fun project!  Almost makes me want to make a hexagon quilt...almost...maybe someday!  ;)

The color is off on this...not really this bright! Just off the machine
The back all finished!



  1. I like this pattern. Restoring old quilts is an ART. I've seen good and bad ones. Your's looks good! The quilting stayed true to the pattern. Not an all over Panto.