Monday, August 25, 2014

Anchor pantograph

Some days I wish I had a computer to quilt difficult patterns for me.   I saw an anchor pattern online but it was only a digital file.  It seemed to be a pretty perfect design and my client and I were both loving the anchor.  I improvised and made my own pantograph.  It's much more challenging than I would have imagined…trying to figure out how the next row is going to match up  and look.  Kudos to the artists who figure out brilliant pantographs!!

I practiced the anchor quite a bit before I started in on the quilt.  It's pretty small…smaller than I originally planned since I had to downsize the design I made to make it fit in the arm space of the machine.

Well…here it is!  The anchors are not perfect but maybe that's what I like about not having a computer.

This fabric is a great line.  

The back

The front

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