Friday, August 14, 2015

Catch up part 2!

Continuing on from yesterday's post of my catch up…

It's been fun looking over all these projects and realizing I've quilted more quilts than I thought I had!  No wonder why I feel like I've been so busy!   Every quilt is a learning experience!  I want to spend more time practicing so I continue to get better and better.  Can't time slow down?!!!  

I've been long arm quilting now for about 1.5 years, just part time.  All of my work is by my own driving of the machine.  There are some days I wish I had a computer so some of my pantographs looked more perfect and maybe someday I will upgrade!   

Here are more photos of what I've worked on this year….
Quilted "Bauhaus baby" on this t-shirt quilt made by Bernadette
I am quite impressed with how my friend, B, put all these blocks together.  T-shirts can be hard to work with! 

I love this Downton Abbey fabric!  So pretty! Just stippled.

Pantograph.  Quilt made by Donna

Custom - random lines with no set pattern

Hedgehogs!!!!  This is one of my own quilts, a gift for my friend's new baby.  It's  such an adorable pattern! 

the backing…

Placemats.  One of my friends was getting married and moving to a place outside of London.  I made my own American flag pattern and machine embroidered fifty stars.  She loves them and uses them every day!  And I am in love with grey and white together!  

Dolls!  This hand-work is pretty incredible.  Custom quilting

Quilt top made by Ann

Custom quilting - Metro rings.
This was my first experience with using rulers by sewkindofwonderful.  

Quilt made by Kay

Custom - Quilting the Eiffel Tower was not as easy as I first thought it would be!  This is definitely the most difficult thing I have ever tried to quilt, besides first trying feathers!!  I learned a lot on this one!  My client who made this quilt is quite talented with creating her own quilt patterns/designs.  She enlarged blocks from Tula Pink's
"100 Modern Quilt Blocks" book and made this!  

I love these wavy lines! 

This quilt was made by Anne.  


Tried out a pantograph called Rhythm.  

Quilt made by Holly

Quilt made by Julia

I think pinwheels are some of my favorite blocks.  I wanted this quilt to have movement and texture.  My only instructions were "geometric".  I used rulers for the pinwheel part.  

Quilt made by Chris

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  1. You do great work even without the computer! Had to come back for Part 2, LOL