Thursday, August 13, 2015

Catching up!

It has been a very long time since I have posted here on my blog so I will try to play catch up!  For those following my quilting I have been quite busy.  Last fall I had a water leak in a pipe in my quilting room which halted my quilting for about 3 months with a room re-model which I can happily say has resulted in a fantastic quilting space with amazing lighting and a floor that makes me smile.  :)  When I got back into the room it was a race to finish many quilts that needed to be done before the holidays.  I am finally feel like I am catching up with life in general!

Here are some photos from some of the quilts I've worked on since my last post (in no particular order)…

My new quilting space!  It's my favorite room in the house now!
Looks like in this photo my baseboard and window framing is still not complete but you get the idea!

Custom quilted

Airplane pantograph

Airplane pantograph

A Tisket a Tasket pantograph

Whole lotta love pantograph

Custom quilted

Fun to see how the backs turn out! 

Custom quilted - LOVE quilt!  I've quilted many of these. 

Pantograph - I can't remember the name of this one at the moment

Airplane pantograph

Custom quilting.  This has different color threads so it may be hard to see the yellow, orange, and green.     
I'll add more photos to the next blog post as there are many more!  It's fun to look over some of the projects I've gotten to work on.  I'm so thankful to many people for giving me the freedom to quilt whatever I want or think will look best on their quilts!   I love getting creative and seeing how something comes together.  

To continue…


  1. Glad you could get your SPACE fixed while they took care of the leak. Great lighting. Nice to see what you've been doing. It's been almost a year, LOL Hope to see some of these up close at the Quilt Show

    1. Thanks, Mary! Most of these quilts were gifts people were making so I'm not sure you'll see them! Going to try to get one of my own quilted for the show for once!!! :)

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